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Cremisi, Duvvuri Perfect at Last Wednesday Action Quads of January

The Charlotte Chess Center's Wednesday Action Quads event on January 31, 2024 featured an unusual amount of parity. Out of ten quads, one of which was comprised of six players, this week's WAQ saw four ties for first place and only two perfect scores. Nonetheless, there were still some very impressive performances and plenty of prizewinners!

Wednesday Action Quads is a weekly event held at the Main/South location. This time around, a total of 42 players gathered to play three games of USCF-rated chess. The following players finished in (or tied for) first place in their respective quads:

Quad A: NM Daniel Cremisi (3 points)

Quad B: Eshwar Kothapalli (2 points)

Quad C: Vihaan Purohit (2.5 points)

Quad D: Namish Kondabathini (2.5 points)

Quad E: Three-way tie between Kyle Cameron, Kritarth Mishra, and Pranav Arun (2 points)

Quad F: Brent Jenkins and Krishiv Agarwal (2 points)

Quad G: Benjamin Gamayunov (2.5 points)

Quad H: Three-way tie between Namish Mayank, Alexander Little, and Satvick Kumar (2 points)

Quad I: Ravi Duvvuri (3 points)

Quad J (six players): Reyansh Mayank and Vachan Divakar (2.5 points)

Our top section winner, NM Daniel Cremisi, has played in three of the last four Wednesday Action Quads tournaments, and has posted a perfect score in all three. The only perfect score in any other quad came from Ravi Duvvuri in Quad I, who gained 103 rating points!

There were plenty of other notable performances from Wednesday Action Quads, and here are just a few of them:

  • Krishiv Agarwal scored 2/3 in Quad F, gaining over 50 points and breaking 1400 USCF for the first time.

  • Pranav Arun achieved a new peak rating with 2/3 in Quad E.

  • Steve Alappatt, despite not being able to take down NM Cremisi, defeated his other two opponents and also achieved a new peak USCF rating.

Congratulations to all quad winners, and we hope to see you at the next Wednesday Action Quads tournament on January 31! Remember that all players may submit games for inclusion in these reports using the QR code at the tournament, or with the link down below.

For upcoming tournaments, bookmark our Events Schedule. The CCC hosts nearly 8 events a week at our facilities in North and South Charlotte, along with bi-monthly major events such as the upcoming 2024 Spring Open and ALTO tournaments.

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NM Dennis Norman

Chess Coach - Club Journalist

Charlotte Chess Center

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