The CCCSA is creating its school program calendar for the 2021-2022 school year. Contact us today about our school programs!

Founded in 2014, the Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy (CCCSA) is devoted to chess education. Led by masters, our team of instructors is the most highly qualified in the Southeast. Regularly contributing to the advancement of our chess curriculum, our instructors are well equipped to provide the highest quality of chess education.

Over 40 schools in the Charlotte Metro Area trust us to provide their students with the highest quality chess program available. In addition to the 2000+ students who receive our program at school, our Center is home to over 750 members of all ages.

The CCCSA was voted 2019 "Chess Club of the Year" by the United States Chess Federation.
  • Positive youth development.
  • Promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and educational benefits.
  • Builds competitiveness, empathy, and respect. 
  • Builds soft and core skills
  • Fosters attentiveness and critical thinking
  • Greatly enhances problem solving ability.
  • Our coaches come to your school​*
  • Clubs meet for one hour before or after school
  • 15:1 student/coach ratio
  • All equipment and supplemental resources provided
  • Online enrollment and payment, roster creation, and parent communication handled by our office staff, unless otherwise desired.
*Some school programs will meet online this semester due to the pandemic. 
chess camp 1.jpg
  • Our coaches are professionals in their field.
  • Our coaches go through regular training on classroom management. 
  • We provide coaching for students who make the leap to compete. 
    • The CCCSA takes students to local, regional, and national competition.​
  • The CCCSA regularly makes contributions to PTA fundraisers.

Our Promise

The CCCSA prides itself on professionalism in education. Our goal is to promote chess as a fun, educational, and supplemental school enrichment activity. We promote an inclusive, safe, and supportive space for all children in our programs. 

We will never omit a child from our program for financial reasons. At the direction of school leadership, the CCCSA provides scholarships to students who need financial assistance.

We are always looking to get more students playing chess. If you are interested in bringing our program to your school please contact us today!

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