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Arthur Blakely Perfect, Big Last-Round Upset at MAQ

The Charlotte Chess Center hosted our weekly Monday Action Quads tournament on February 12, 2024 at the North location. A total of 19 players participated across four quads, with a seven player "small swiss" Quad D.

Monday Action Quads (MAQ) is a three-round USCF-rated quads event open to all scholastic players. The following players took first place in their respective quads:

Quad A: Caleb Kidd and Artharv Dubey (2 points)

Quad B: Zachary Baltazar (2.5 points)

Quad C: Arthur Blakely (3 points)

Quad D ("small swiss"): Arya Harsha and Avyaan Prasad (2.5 points)

In Quad A, Atharv Dubey pulled a 400(!) point upset win over Caleb Kidd in the last round. Caleb had entered the round with 2/2, whereas Atharv had drawn both of his games coming in, creating a tie atop the standings when the dust settled. Meanwhile, Arthur Blakely was the only perfect scorer of the day in Quad C, and the biggest rating gainer of the tournament was Avyaan Prasad (300 -> 435!).

Congratulations to all quad winners. Remember that all players in grades K-8 who score a perfect 3/3 in a MAQ event are qualified for our NEW Tournament of Champions event scheduled for May 4!

We hope to see you at the next Monday Action Quads on February 19.

For upcoming tournaments, bookmark our Events Schedule. The CCC hosts nearly 8 events a week at our facilities in North and South Charlotte, along with bi-monthly major events such as the upcoming 2024 Spring Open and ALTO tournaments.

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NM Dennis Norman

Chess Coach - Club Journalist

Charlotte Chess Center


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