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58 Players, Two Game Submissions at Tuesday Night Action!

The Charlotte Chess Center hosted the third Tuesday Night Action of the month on February 20, 2024. Tuesday Night Action is a weekly tournament held at CCC South every Tuesday evening, following a lecture by FM and CCC founder Peter Giannatos. This time around, a total of 58 players participated across our three sections, playing one round of USCF-rated chess.

The following players won their games in round three:

Top: Patrick McCartney, Kishan Karthigeyan, and Alan Cai

U1750: Diya Balamurugan, Deepak Vellattu, Sampath Kumar, Kevin Nguyen, Trishona Kumar, Brent Jenkins, Raghav Keskar, Gavin Chen, Steven Libonati, Daniel Burkhart, Aaron Vargas

U1300: Satvick Kumar, Brian Lara, Daniel Dieringer, Shlok Kaushik, Akshith Chintalacheruvu, Namish Mayank, Douglas Samson, Anthony Gentile, Esteban Gutierrez, Reyansh Mayank, Philip Armstrong, and Renato Aristondo

In the U1750 section, Diya Balamurugan is the only player with 3/3 this month. Two players are on 3/3 in the U1300 section, Satvick Kumar and Brian Lara. Additionally, Aaron Vargas has won all three games this month in TNA as well, switching from U1300 to U1750 partway through.

Two players submitted their games for inclusion in this report! Firstly, Patrick McCartney submitted his upset victory against NM James Chirilov, part of the reason he is tied for first in the Top section with 2.5/3:

Also, Nichol Garrison annotated and submitted her loss against Daniel Dieringer. I always appreciate when members submit their games and I'd like to thank both Nichol and Patrick for sending them in!

The next Tuesday Night Action will be held on February 27. Remember you can always submit games to be featured in future reports using the link below, or the QR code at the Chess Center.

For upcoming tournaments, bookmark our Events Schedule. The CCC hosts nearly 8 events a week at our facilities in North and South Charlotte, along with bi-monthly major events such as the upcoming 2024 Spring Open and ALTO tournaments.

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NM Dennis Norman

Chess Coach - Club Journalist

Charlotte Chess Center


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