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South Center Hosts March's Moms

The Charlotte Chess Center was once again transformed for the Queen's Social, a monthly gathering of mothers to socialize, eat, and learn more about chess and initiatives within the CCC. Over 20 moms were in attendance and learned not only about checkmating patterns under the tutelage of CCC owner and FM Peter Giannatos, but also about exciting CCC news that was only shared to those in attendance.

Raffle prizes were beautiful spa-quality soap sets. The winner of the forum engagement raffle was Nichol Garrison. Door prize raffle winners were Anastasia Reyes, Yalda Sadeghi-Roulin, and Amy Baksh. All mothers left with a small bouquet of brightly colored tulips.

The Queen's Social is an open event for any mother of a child who is enrolled in CCC classes or afterschool programs, is active in CCC tournament play, or is a member of the CCC. It is an excellent way for mothers to connect not only with their child's chess activities and the CCC as a whole, but also to connect with other moms.

The next Queen's Social is scheduled for April 13th from 6 pm - 8 pm. Be sure to register at the link below.

Also, mothers are encouraged to join the Moms of the CCC forum, even if they cannot attend the social, for additional community engagement and news.


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