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Second Queen's Social of 2024 Held at South Center

Charlotte Chess Center's South Center turned into a pink and red wonderland last night as the Moms of the CCC held their second gathering of the year. With approximately 25 mothers in attendance, this was the largest Queen's Social held thus far.

Co-Creators English Reavis and Kelly Centrelli, along with the help of Nichol Garrison, set up a theme of Love, with pink chess boards, candles, flowers, balloons and hearts adoring the Center. Catering was provided by Stacy Giannatos, and all Moms left with a beautifully made sugar cookie and long-stemmed red rose.

Coach Peter Giannatos discussed upcoming Moms' goals, such as having a presence at large tournaments, and unveiled the new Moms of the CCC logo. After, he gave a lecture on intermezzo moves with several Moms correctly answering intermediate to advanced tactical puzzles.

After some casual chess play, a raffle was conducted and Sasmita Mohanty, Azima Collins, and Madhusmita Patnaik walked away with beautiful flower arrangements. Suzanne Cardinal received a spa set after winning the Forum Engagement raffle.

The date of next month's Queen's Social will be announced shortly.

If you are a mother whose child is engaged at the Charlotte Chess Center or its afterschool clubs, be sure to join the Moms of the CCC forum to learn more about the Moms group, the Queen's Social, and other CCC-related activities.


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