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2024 US Masters

Nov 27 - Dec 01, 2024

Plan Ahead

Ratings 2200+



US Masters Sponsors


The 2024 US Masters will be held over Thanksgiving Weekend, November 27 – December 1, 2024. The USM is an official US Chess National Championship and FIDE-rated event which features a greatly increased $28,000 guaranteed prize fund.

The Masters runs alongside the 2024 NC Open, an open event for players of all ratings and $13,000 in prizes. All US Masters players receive free entry into the $2,000 Blitz.

The US Masters is part of the 2024 FIDE Circuit, a leg of the World Championship/Candidates cycle. The tournament is partially supported by the FIDE Open Aid Project.

New this year:

  • Increased prize fund fro $22,000 to $28,000

  • New women's and senior's prizes

  • Free entry to WIMs (in addition to GMs, IMs, WGMs)

  • Venue in uptown Charlotte


November 27 - December 1, 2024 


The Westin Charlotte

601 S College Street

Charlotte, NC 28202


The Westin Charlotte - Host Hotel

$129/Night - King and 2 Queen Options

Booking link - Book by November 12


$45 overnight valet, $35 overnight self

The CCC is working on nearby parking options, more to be posted soon.


  • Players are strongly recommended to register online (registration form below)

  • Online registration until November 27, 4:00pm

  • On-Site Registration: November 27, 3:30-4:00pm

  • All registrations after Wednesday November 27, 4:00pm will result in round 1 bye.


  • Players rated or once rated at least 2200 USCF or FIDE based on an established rating of at least 26 games.

  • Players with the NM, FM, WFM, or higher titles regardless of rating.

  • Untitled juniors (born 2005 or after) must be rated 2000+ FIDE or 2100+ USCF at the time of registration (or thereafter, but no peak ratings) to play – additional fee applies.

  • No exceptions to eligibility rules.  Players who do not qualify for the US Masters may enter the NC Open.

  • Entry fees are based on the title and rating at the time of registration.

  • CFC and other foreign national masters accepted.

  • CM and WCM titles are not considered.

  • Peak ratings are not considered for untitled juniors.


G/90; +30

90 minutes plus a 30 second increment from move 1


200 US Chess Grand Prix Points

$7000 - $3500 - $2000 - $1500 - $1400 - $1200 - $1000

Top U2500 FIDE: $1600 - $800

Top U2350 FIDE: $1200 - $600

Top U2200 FIDE: $1000 - $500

Bonus Prizes (can be won in addition to other prizes)

  • $500+ US Masters trophy and title for clear first or playoff winner

  • Top Women’s Prizes: $1600 – $800 – $400

  • Top Senior’s Prizes (born 1974 or earlier): $1000 – $400

The USM is part of the FIDE Circuit, a leg of the World Championship/Candidates cycle.


GM, IM, WGM, WIM norms available

Norm “Super Swiss” – normal federation requirement waived

FIDE requires at least one Swiss norm to obtain GM/IM/WGM/WIM titles


Registration and bye request window closes 4:00pm Wednesday






November 27

Round 1



November 28

Round 2


Round 3



November 29

Round 4


Round 5



November 30

Round 6


Round 7




December 1

Round 8


Round 9



FREE $2,000 Blitz

  • Saturday 9:00-11:00pm

  • 6 Rounds, 2 sections – Championship and Under 2000


  • All GMs, IMs, WGMs, WIMs: Free Entry with no deduction if registered by October 23.  $200 deducted from prize if registered after October 23.

  • Titled Player Entry (FM, WFM, NM): $299 by November 1, $319 by November 15, $349 after November 15.

  • Untitled Juniors (born 2005 or after) with Peak Ratings Under 2200: Must be rated 2000+ FIDE or 2100+ USCF at the time of registration: $200 more than Regular entry.

  • Entry fees based on the title/status at the time of registration. 



  • No Spectator Policy: Parents and spectators are not permitted in the playing area and immediate halls.

  • Registration and bye request window closes November 27 at 4:00pm

  • Withdrawals/Refunds:

    • Before the event, withdrawals for paid entries will incur a $25 transaction fee until November 25.  50% refunds after November 25 until 2 hours before round 1.

    • Conditioned players who withdraw (cancel) after November 1 may not be eligible for conditions in future CCC events.

    • All withdrawals during the event must be submitted at least 90 minutes before the round.

  • Byes:

    • Up to 4 optional half-point byes which must be requested by 4:00pm on November 27.

    • Norms not possible if taking a bye.

    • Byes not available to conditioned players without expressed permission of the organizers.

    • All byes requested after the start of round one are zero-point byes.

    • Any zero-point byes or withdrawals during the event must be submitted at least 90 minutes before the round in question.

    • Players who forfeit a round (no show) or do not provide 90-minute notice to withdrawing will incur a $200 fine.

  • Playoff Rules: In case of a tie for first place, the top two players on "average rating of opposition, cut one" mathematical tiebreak will play a blitz playoff of two G/5; +2 games, followed by an Armageddon game as specified by the Chief Arbiter.

    • The playoff winner will win the $500 bonus prize, US Masters trophy, and title. In case one of the players declines to play or is unavailable for the playoff, at the Chief Arbiter’s discretion, the official playoff may include the next tied player(s) on mathematical tiebreaks.

    • Playoff will take place on Sunday, 9:00pm.

  • Boards, sets, clocks provided (must use our equipment).

  • US Chess and FIDE-rated.  US Chess membership is required.

  • November FIDE ratings used for pairings and prizes.

  • By registering for or attending this event, players and guests grant permission to CCC to take and use photographs and video for purposes related to the event.

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