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The Charlotte Norm Super Swiss will be held July 9-13, 2023, in the beautiful Southpark area of Charlotte.  This new event guarantees a “super swiss” format to satisfy multiple FIDE norm requirements and offers a $10,000 prize fund.  There is a minimum rating requirement of 2000 FIDE.  Free entry is offered to all GMs, IMs, and WGMs.


The Charlotte Norm Super Swiss is organized just prior the Charlotte Summer Open (July 14-16) at the same venue.


July 9-13, 2023


Beautiful Venue in the Heart of Southpark! Walk to Starbucks, Whole Foods and more!

Hilton Garden Inn - Southpark

4808 Sharon Road

Charlotte, NC 28210

(704) 362-5080


Hilton Garden Inn - Main Hotel

$119 per night single or $129 for double 

Free internet and parking


Homewood Suites - Overflow Hotel (same property)

$139 - King room suite including pullout sofa bed and breakfast

Homewood Suites Booking Link


  • Time Control: G/90; inc/30.

  • 9 round Swiss tournament in 1 section.  US Chess and FIDE-rated.

  • Guaranteed “Super Swiss” Format

    • FIDE now requires a 40+ player Swiss norm for GM, IM, WGM, WIM titles.

    • Event will satisfy 1.43d “Super Swiss” foreigner requirement, making it more accommodating for players to earn norms by bypassing the normal foreign player requirement.


  • Open to players currently rated 2000+ FIDE.  No exceptions.

  • Players may use any of the following to qualify:

    • Current FIDE rating at the time of registration

    • June 2023 or July 2023 FIDE rating

    • Live ratings, US Chess ratings, and peak ratings are not considered.


$10,000 GUARANTEED IN PRIZES - 150 US Chess Grand Prix Points

$3000 – 1500 – 1000 – 800 – 700 – 500 – 400 – 300

Top U2450 FIDE: $600 – 300

Top U2300 FIDE: $600 – 300


5-day Schedule Only, July 9-13

Sunday: 5:30pm

Monday: 11:00am & 5:30pm

Tuesday: 11:00am & 5:30pm

Wednesday: 11:00am & 5:30pm

Thursday: 11:00am & 5:30pm


  • GMs, IMs, WGMs: Free Entry, no deduction if registered by June 26.

    •  $200 deducted from prize if registered after June 26.

  • Foreign FM/WIMs rated 2150+: $199 by June 26, $229 after June 26.

  • 2150+ FIDE Entry: $349 by June 26, $379 after June 26.

  • 2000-2149 FIDE Entry: $449 by June 26, $479 after June 26.

Entry fees are based on FIDE ratings at the time of registration.



  • Shared hotel or equivalent conditions are available for all GMs and foreign IM/WGMs rated 2300+.

  • Additional cash conditions are available for foreign GMs.

  • Conditioned players who play in the Charlotte Summer Open, July 14-16 at the same venue, are eligible to have their hotel conditions extended for the additional nights.

  • There is a limited number of conditioned spots, which must be determined in advance as early as possible with Dr. Walter High. Conditions are subject to availability and organizer discretion.

  • Confirmed conditioned players who withdraw (cancel) after June 26 may not be eligible for conditions in future CCC events.

  • Conditioned players may not take byes or withdraw without the expressed permission of the organizers.


  • Registration Cap: 125 players

    • Registration closes July 9 at 3:30pm or when the capacity limit is reached.

  • Withdrawals/Refunds:

    • Before the event, withdrawals for paid entries will incur a $20 transaction fee until July 7.  50% refunds after July 9 until 2 hours before round 1.

    • Confirmed conditioned players who withdraw (cancel) after June 26 may not be eligible for conditions in future CCC events.

    • During the event, withdrawals must be submitted at least 90 minutes before the round.

    • Players who forfeit a round (no show) or do not provide 90-minute notice to withdrawing will incur a $200 fine.

  • Byes:

    • Up to 4 optional half-point byes which must be requested before round 1.

    • Norms and conditions not possible if taking a bye.

    • Byes not available to conditioned players without expressed permission of the organizers.

    • Byes requested after the start of round one are zero-point byes.

    • Any zero-point byes or withdrawals during the event must be submitted at least 90 minutes before the round in question.

  • In case of a tie for first place, the top player based on “average rating of opposition, cut one” tiebreak will earn the title and plaque.

  • Boards, sets, clocks provided (must use our equipment).

  • US Chess and FIDE-rated.  US Chess membership is required.

  • FIDE Rules in effect.

  • Boards, sets, clocks provided (must use our equipment).

  • By registering for or attending this event, players and guests grant permission to CCC to take and use photographs and video for purposes related to the event.


  • No spectators are allowed in the playing area.

  • Read CCC Electronic Device Policy 

  • Game broadcasts will be on a delay.

  • Staff will be equipped with wands and other anti-cheating equipment.

  • Stronger quality and quantity of TDs, arbiters, and organizers than other events.

  • Games will be submitted for thorough review by Dr. Ken Regan's US Chess and FIDE-approved algorithm prior to submitting the event for rating and norms.



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