Reverse Angle is a 3 round tournament the CCCSA has been conducting for over 10 years (back when the CCCSA was just a small chess club).

Reverse Angle has become one of the largest and most successful one-day tournaments in North Carolina History.


Saturday, October 23


Charlotte Chess Center

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E

Charlotte, NC 28226



Players may register ahead of time using the form below.

Players may also register on site from 9:45am - 10:15am the day of the event.


Participants must be members of the US Chess Federation

All K-12 Participants Must be Rated 800 or Above to Play


Masks will be required for all starting August 31. View county mask mandate here.


Time Control:

G/75; increment 5

Each player receives 75 minutes plus a 5 second increment to complete each game. 


Round Times:

Round 1: 10:30am

Round 2: 1:30pm 

Round 3: 4:15pm



Top (1800+)

Under 1800 

Under 1400

100 Point Rule: Players may only play up if their rating is within 100 points of the section limit. Example: A 1700 may play in the top section but not a 1699.


Can't make it to all of the rounds? You may take a half point bye (1) in any round

1/2 point byes must be requested before the the tournaments starts.

Byes allow a player to skip a round they can not otherwise attend.


$900 Guaranteed in Prizes

Top Section

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

Top U2000: $50


U1800 Section

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

Top U1600: $50


U1400 Section

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

Top U1200: $50


Entry Fee:

Players Rated 2200+: Free Entry ($30 Deducted from Prize)

CCCSA Members: $30.00

Non-Members: $35.00

Join the CCCSA and Save - Only $40 a Year for Locals and $25/Year for Travelers


  • Limited to the first 64 entries. No exceptions.

  • K-12 participants must be rated 800+

  • US Chess rules apply - updated monthly rating supplement used

  • Two optional half-point bye available, request at registration.

  • Weighted wooden sets, digital clocks provided for all sections.

  • Players may only play up if within 100 points of next section cutoff.



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