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CCC Practice Tournament Results!

The Charlotte Chess Center hosted two unrated practice tournaments for scholastic players on March 9, 2024, one at the CCC Main/South location and another at the CCC North location. The goal of our practice tournaments is to get young players used to the conditions of OTB tournament chess.

The following players won gold medals at the CCC Main/South location:

Grades K-2: Nicolas Giard, Lucas Mello, Vanya Gupta, Tsimafei Piatrou, and Pavanaj Vandanapu

Grades 3-8: Viraaj Khera, Sam Ghosh, Rutisha Bulbule, Jeffrey Li, and Anik Goyal

The following players won gold medals at the CCC North location:

Grades K-2: Rafael Rothfuss de la Asuncion, Walker Wieland, Rahuul Theepan, and Jerome Lindsey

Grades 3-8: Evan Dixson, Matthew Pan, and Pranav Kakkar

The top finishing schools in the CCC Main/South tournament were Hawk Ridge, Antioch, and Polo Ridge, while the top schools at the CCC North event were Cox Mill and WR Odell ES.

Each gold medalist also qualifies to play in our NEW Tournament of Champions event! The Champions Tournament is scheduled for May 4, 2024 and will feature four rounds, with 35+ trophies awarded as well as Grandmaster-led activities.

Our next practice event will be held on April 6. Use the links below to register:

For upcoming tournaments, bookmark our Events Schedule. The CCC hosts nearly 8 events a week at our facilities in North and South Charlotte, along with with bi-monthly major events such as the upcoming 2024 Charlotte Open.

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NM Dennis Norman

Chess Coach - Club Journalist

Charlotte Chess Center


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