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Naroditsky, Bortnyk, and Jasti Top CCC NYE Rapid and Blitz

Charlotte Chess Center 2023 Rapid and Blitz
2023 NYE Rapid and Blitz

The Charlotte Chess Center's annual NYE Rapid and Blitz took place December 31, 2023. 84 players participated in the action including the CCC's top players/instructors GM Daniel Naroditsky and GM Olexandr Bortnyk.

Players from 6 different states converged upon the CCC's Main/South location to fight for the $1,500 guaranteed prize fund.


GM Daniel Naroditsky and Rishi Jasti(!) tied for first with a perfect 5-0 performance. Jasti, who had a breakout performance, scored some very "interesting" wins over NM Dominique Myers and WGM Dina Belenkaya. Naroditsky and Jasti each received $185 for their efforts.

IM Tianqi Wang, NM Dominique Myers, Ethan Liu, Krishna Rallabandi, and WFM Uthra Pakkirisamy who tied for 3rd and took home $20 each.

Other prize winners were:

  • Charles Snyder (top U2000 - $50)

  • Brayden Brigman (top U1800 - $50)

  • Luke Louis, Nishita Jaikumar, Samanyu Ammasani, Shreyas Karki, Vasanth Thirunavukkarasu, Seiken Guerrero, Dheena Kumar (tie for remaining under prizes - $20 each)

  • Adrian Gomez (top unrated player - $40)

Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky Charlotte Chess Center Rapid and Blitz
GM Daniel Naroditsky
Rishi Jasti Charlotte Chess Center blitz and rapid tournament
Rishi Jasti


GM Olexandr Bortnyk took clear first in the blitz only giving up a "grandmaster draw" to GM Naroditsky in round 5. Bortnyk pocketed $250 for his efforts. GM Naroditsky earned clear second (and $120) giving up a second draw in round 6 to IM Tianqi Wang. IM Tianqi Wang finished clear 3rd and earned $60.

Grandmaster Olexandr Bortnyk at Charlotte Chess Center Blitz and Rapid
GM Olexandr Bortnyk

Other prize winners were:

  • Henry Hasman (Top U2100 - $50)

  • WGM Dina Belenkaya, NM James Chirilov, NM Dominique Myers, Andrew Wu, Krisnha Rallabandi, Charles Snyder, Shawn Bale, Christopher Williams (tie for 5th - $5/each)

  • Anagha Sinkar, Dhanush Kondabathini, Jay Garrison, Namish Kondabathini (tie top U1900 - $12.50 each)

  • Sidney Peterson, Sahasra Rallabandi, Ayaansh Kaistha (tie top U1700 - $16.67 each)

  • Luke Louis (top U1500 - $50)

  • Joshua Rubanenko (top U1300 - $40)

  • Peter Prakash, Jonathan Gao, Druv Balamurugan (tie top U1100 - $13.33 each)

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