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Unrated Team Challenge

Apr 13, 2024

Plan Ahead




The Unrated Team Challenge is a great way for students of all levels to get involved in tournament competitions.  There are team awards for those who have more than 2 players from their school as well as individual awards for the top scorers – it is not required to be part of a team to play!

This tournament is also a qualifier for the Tournament of Champions - held May 4!


April 13, 2024


Renaissance Charlotte SouthPark Hotel

5501 Carnegie Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28209


  • The Unrated Team Challenge is open to all players in grades K-8. 

  • No memberships are required.

  • It is not required to be part of a school chess program or team to play.


Morning Session

Grades K-2

Afternoon Session

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8


  • 4 rounds (games)

  • No eliminations – all players will play 4 rounds

  • Time “Control” – 10 minutes per player per game


Morning Session (K-2)

K-2 Arrival: 9:30am

Round 1: 10:00am

Round 2: 10:40am

Round 3: 11:20am

Round 4: 12:00pm

K-2 Awards Ceremony: 12:30pm


Afternoon Session (3rd-5th and 6th-8th)

3rd-8th Arrival: 1:15pm

Round 1: 1:30pm

Round 2: 2:10pm

Round 3: 2:50pm

Round 4: 3:30pm

3rd-8th Awards Ceremony: 4:00pm


All players receive a medal for participating!

Perfect Score Trophies

Awarded to all players who earn a 4-0 score


Top Scorer Trophies

Awarded to players who earn 3 or 3.5 points out of 4.

US Chess Membership

All trophy winners also receive a FREE US Chess membership (does not apply to players with current US Chess memberships) and a free entry to a weekly rated quad event at a CCC location.

Tournament of Champions

Players that earn a trophy (3 points or more) qualify to the Tournament of Champions on May 4.


K-2 Section

Trophies to Top 8 Schools

3rd-5th Section

Trophies to Top 8 Schools

6th-8th Section

Trophies to Top 3 Schools


CCC members and students in CCC school programs*: $40.00

Non-members: $50.00

*coupon code for those in school programs sent in schools newsletter.


The CCC is looking for volunteers to help with scorekeeping and setup/breakdown (no experience necessary, can be parents).


For all related inquiries and cancellations, email:


  • Unrated event - no special memberships required; rated students may play

  • Top 4 scorers from the same school and in the same section contribute to the team score - minimum 2 players in order to have a team

  • All equipment provided 

  • Parent information seminar lead by FM Peter Giannatos during the first round of each schedule.

  • Refunds: all withdrawals (cancellations) by April 11 will be refunded minus a $10 transaction fee.  50% refunds after April 11 until 1 hour before round 1.

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