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2024 Charlotte Doubles Championship

Aug 30 - Sep 01, 2024

Plan Ahead




The Charlotte Doubles Championship is a unique event featuring a 2 vs 2 team format and a $4,000 main event prize fund. The event includes 5 rounds of classical chess, plus a free $500 bughouse tournament.


August 30 – September 1, 2024

Labor Day Weekend

Also see Labor Day Rapid & Blitz (coming soon) at the CCC – September 2


Beautiful Venue in the Heart of Southpark! Walk to Starbucks, Whole Foods and more!

Hilton Garden Inn - Southpark

4808 Sharon Road

Charlotte, NC 28210

(704) 362-5080


Hilton Garden Inn - Southpark

$124 per night single or $134 for double 

Free internet and parking

Booking Link - Reserve Soon

Homewood Suites - Southpark (overflow hotel)

$149 for King suite with pullout sofa bed

Free internet and parking

Booking Link - Reserve Soon


  • Open to 2-player teams (no alternates) with an average rating under 2200.

  • Teams must submit registration in one transaction – no individual registration by player.

  • Registration is online only – use the link at the bottom of the page.

  • All players must be members of the US Chess Federation


Main Time Control: G/90; inc/10

Rounds 1-2 of 2-Day Schedule: G/30, inc/10

US Chess rated only – not FIDE-rated


Under 2200 Section

$1000 – 500 – 300

Top U1900 Team: $300

Top Board 1: $100

Top Board 2: $100

Plaques to top 3 Teams, top family team, and top mixed doubles team (1 male / 1 female).

100-point rule applies for “playing up” a section – see Special Notes.

Under 1600 Section

$600 – 400 – 200

Top U1300 Team: $300

Top Board 1: $100

Top Board 2: $100

Plaques to top 3 Teams, top family team, and top mixed doubles team (1 male / 1 female).


  • See additional rules in Special Notes below.

  • Team ratings are the average ratings of players.  Teams must have an average rating under 1600 to play in the U1600 section.

  • August 2024 US Chess ratings used for pairings and prizes.

  • Unrated players do not count towards the average rating – for example a team with a 1900 and an unrated player has an average rating of 1900.

  • Team vs team format – board 1 vs board 1, board 2 vs board 2.

  • Pairings and prizes are based on team average rating.


FREE $500 Bughouse

  • Open to any teams of 2, including players not playing in the Charlotte Doubles Championship

  • Saturday 8:00-9:30pm

  • Bughouse Registration On-site only, Saturday 3:00-7:45pm

  • Free bughouse entry for players in the Charlotte Doubles Championship (does not have be the same team as the main event)

  • Open to all teams - $40 on-site bughouse team entry for those not playing in main event.

  • 5 double rounds (10 games total), G/3 mins.  Not a rated event.

  • $500 guaranteed prize fund in one section: $200-100-60-40-20.  Top Mixed Doubles Bonus Prize (1 Male / 1 Female): $80.


3-Day Schedule - 5 Rounds

Friday: 6:30pm

Saturday: 10:30am & 3:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am & 2:30pm

2-Day Schedule - 5 Rounds

Saturday: 10:30am*, 12:30pm*, 3:00pm (merge with 3-day schedule in round 3)

Sunday: 10:00am & 2:30pm

* Rounds 1 & 2 of 2-Day played at G/30; inc/10 time control


$160 per team by August 19

$180 per team by August 28

$200 per team after August 28

No individual entry – must register as a team in 1 transaction


For questions, concerns, and withdrawals prior to the event email:

  • Parents and spectators are not permitted in the playing area or in the nearby hallway.

  • 100 Point Rule: Must be within 100 points of next section to play up (e.g. 1500+ to enter U2000). Teams may use any of the following to qualify for the 100 point rule:

    • current rating at the time of registration

    • August or September 2024 US Chess supplement rating

    • live rating achieved thereafter

  • Byes: Teams may take up to 2 optional half-point byes, request before round 1.  All byes requested during the tournament are zero points.

  • Re-Entry:

    • If team have an undesirable start to the event, they may wish to re-enter the event from the 3-day to the 2-day schedule.

    • Players may re-enter for a $80 fee.

    • Re-entry closes Saturday 9:30am.

  • Limited to the first 70 teams (140 players).

  • Teams must have 2 players in each round – teams missing a player will be withdrawn.  There are no alternates permitted.

  • Registration closes 90 minutes before round 1, or when the capacity limit is reached.

  • Players must play in rating order – equally rated teammates may choose board order.

  • Pairings and prizes are based on team average rating.

  • Team prizes split evenly between team members.

  • Match points are used for team standings and pairings.

  • Game points are used for board prizes.

  • No tiebreaks – all prize money is split equally between tied teams and players.

  • US Chess rules apply.  US Chess rated.  Not FIDE-rated.  US Chess membership required.

  • Boards, sets, clocks provided – must use our equipment.

  • Plaques are based on US Chess cumulative and “average opposition, drop one” tiebreak if necessary.

  • Refunds: $10 fee for refunds requested by August 28.  50% refunds after August 28 until 1 hour before round 1.  No refunds once event begins.

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