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2024 CCC Club Classical Championship

May 25-26, 2024

Plan Ahead

Ratings 1000+



The Charlotte Chess Center’s 2024 Club Championships will be held over Memorial Day Weekend.  This special event will crown the 2024 CCC Club Champions in Classical, Rapid, and Blitz formats.  Players may play 1, 2, or all 3 events


Saturday, May 25 - Sunday, May 26

Rapid and Blitz Club Championship to be held on Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)


Charlotte Chess Center Main/South

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E

Charlotte, NC 28226


  • Participants must be members of the US Chess Federation

  • The Classical event is open to players rated 1000+ USCF.


  • 5 rounds in 2 sections.

  • Open to all players rated 1000+ USCF.

  • Both sections are US Chess and FIDE-rated.

  • Winners of each section will be the CCC’s 2024 Classical Club Champions.


G/80; inc/10


Championship   FIDE-rated

$500 – $250 – $150

Top Under 2100: $150

Top Under 1900: $150

Bonus Prizes (can be won in addition to above prizes):

Top Female: $100

Top Senior (50+): $100

Under 1750 Section  Minimum rating 1000.  FIDE-rated

$350 – $150 – $100

Top Under 1500: $150

Top Under 1250: $150

Bonus Prizes (can be won in addition to above prizes):

Top Female: $100

Top Senior (50+): $100

Live Ratings Used: Up to date US Chess "live ratings" used for all players - not the monthly supplement rating.

100 Point Rule: Players may only play up if their rating is within 100 points of the section limit. Players must be rated 1650+ to play in the Championship section.


Saturday, May 25

Round 1: 10:30am

Round 2: 1:30pm

Round 3: 5:00pm

Sunday, May 26

Round 4: 10:30am

Round 5: 2:30pm


CCC Members: $75

Non-Members: $90

CCC Members Rated 2200+: Free entry, $75 deducted from prize – no deduction for GMs, IMs, USCF 2400+

Join the CCC and Save - Only $50 a Year - Save on Camps, Classes, Tournaments and More!


  • For questions, concerns, and withdrawals prior to the event email:

  • For contact during the event email (above) or call 980-265-1156

  • Limited to the first 64 entries.

  • Byes: Players may take up to 2 optional half-point byes, request before round 1. Byes allow a player to skip a round they cannot otherwise attend.  All byes requested during the tournament are zero points.

  • Refunds – all withdrawals by May 24 will be refunded minus a $10 transaction fee. 50% refunds after May 24 until 1 hour before round 1.

  • Boards, sets, clocks provided (must use our equipment).

  • Both sections are USCF-rated and FIDE-rated.

    • Per FIDE rules at this time control, games involving a player rated 2400+ FIDE will not be FIDE-rated.

  • Live US Chess ratings used for pairings and prizes.

  • 2024 CCC Classical Club Champion title awarded to first place (co-champions if tied).

    • Plaque to first place in each section, based on US Chess cumulative tiebreak and "average opposition rating, drop one" tiebreak if necessary.

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