The CCCSA is committed to both the safety and the health of our members, staff and supporters. We are also committed to providing the opportunities that our members and supporters desire, while maintaining a great degree of caution and taking major safety precautions.


Phase I of our approach will be to begin with very small camps for children. At this time, we are only offering camps for children who are just beginning. Virtual options have been great given the circumstances, but have proven to be very difficult for our younger and less experienced students. We hope these camps will serve as a way for our students to learn in both a safe and social environment.


 For our more advanced students, please take a look at our online classes and online camps options.

  • The Chess Center and all chess equipment will be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned several times daily

  • CCCSA staff and students will be required to wear masks

  • CCCSA staff and students who are sick will be asked to stay home

  • Parents will be asked to drop off students outside of the Chess Center

  • All who enter CCCSA premises will be given a non-invasive temperature check - must read 99.5 or below

  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations will be placed throughout the chess center

  • Disposable gloves will be provided to students during play

  • Students will have assigned tables for lesson portion of camp

  • Only a limited number of chess sets will be set up - sets will be disinfected after every use

  • A very limited number of seats will be available in these camps


Begin July 27

For students who are either new to chess or just beginning. This is perfect for complete beginners and students who have no tournament experience. There will also be an art portion of camp at the end of the day, where students can unwind with a bit of chess art.

All of our camps are taught by professional chess and art teachers.


Since 2014, the CCCSA has been devoted to chess education. Led by masters, our team of instructors are the most highly qualified in the Southeast. Regularly contributing to the advancement of our chess curriculum, our instructors are well equipped to provide the highest quality of chess education. 


Our reputation is second to none within both the local and national chess community. Over 40 schools in the Charlotte Metro Area trust us to provide their students with the highest quality chess program available. In addition to the 2000+ students who receive our chess program at school, our Center is home to over 500 members of all ages.

The CCCSA was voted 2019 "Chess Club of the Year" by the United States Chess Federation

2020 by Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy Inc.