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The CCC, founded in 2014, serves to provide chess players of all ages and skill levels the best resources to learn and play.​


Chess assists in the enhancement of life skills and brain development. Studies show that there are concrete benefits to playing chess which include improved reading and writing skills, improved creativity, and problem solving.


Led by our team of internationally acclaimed instructors and arbiters, the CCC is a top teir chess institution in the United States.


Our reputation is second to none within the community. Over 50 schools in the Charlotte Metro Area trust us to provide their students with the highest quality chess program available. In addition to the 2500+ students who receive our chess program at school, our center is home to over 600 members of all ages.

The CCC was recipient of both 2018 "City of the Year" and 2019 "Chess Club of the Year" by the United States Chess Federation

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