Tuesday Night Action gives players the chance to play rated chess during the week. Every Tuesday one rated game will be played. After 5 weeks/rounds the tournament is submitted to the USCF to be rated. TNA is a great way for players to prepare and stay in shape for weekend tournament play.

There is no penalty for not coming on the weeks you are unavailable.  Come on a weekly basis as you are available.


All In-Person Gatherings Postponed Due to COVID-19 VIRUS

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Every Tuesday Night; Year Round!


Charlotte Chess Center

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E

Charlotte, NC 28226



Players must register to play before the round starts at 7:30pm. If players are running late then they may call the CCCSA prior to the round and ask to be paired.


Participants must be members of the US Chess Federation


Time Control:

G/75; increment 15

Each player receives 75 minutes plus a 15 second bonus each move to complete each game.


Round Times:

Every Tuesday Night at 7:30pm



Top (players > 1700)

Middle (players < 1700 but >1300)

Bottom (players <1300)


Players are required to play in the section their rating suggests.



Top: Free Entry to Reverse Angle, G/60 Action, or Last Thursday Blitz

Middle: Reverse Angle, G/60 Action, or Last Thursday Blitz

Bottom: Reverse Angle, G/60 Action, or Last Thursday Blitz


Tiebreak System:

Free tournament entry will go to the player who had played the most games in the tournament. If number of games played is the same, free entry will go to the lowest rated player who tied for first.



Entry Fee:

CCCSA Members: Free

Non-Members: $5.00/round

Join the CCCSA and Save - Only $40 a Year for Locals and $25/Year for Travelers