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*New* Elite Chess Team - Apply Now

The Charlotte Chess Center is pleased to announce its all new Elite Chess Team!

The CCCSA will offer free weekly training for students who have reached a peak 1600 US Chess rating. GM Naroditsky and FM Giannatos will lead the groups.

"My goal with the CCCSA Elite Team is to provide our strongest and most dedicated students with the training they need to reach their maximum potential. In addition, I want to take away some of the financial burden from the parents."

said Founder of the CCCSA, FM Peter Giannatos. Giannatos goes on to say

"Since the founding of the CCCSA, my goal has always been to create programs that benefit my community. This is just one additional step in the right direction. Charlotte has already built quite the chess culture since the Center's establishment in 2014, and I hope this continues to enhance enthusiasm for chess and encourages our juniors to reach the highest heights."


  • Open to students with peak US Chess ratings of 1600+

  • Students 18 years old and younger

  • Must be active CCCSA members


  • Must attend classes in-person

  • Students must play in at least 2 CCCSA rated tournaments a month

  • Students must attend 80% of the meetings

  • Students must wear their Elite Chess Team jackets/shirts to tournaments

  • Students must complete weekly assigned homework

CCCSA Goals:

  • To increase the number of titled junior players emerging from Charlotte

  • To help subsidize the cost to parents for high level chess training

  • To motivate students to reach their maximum potential

  • To build team spirit and camaraderie between the areas top junior players

More Details and Application Here

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