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CCC 2022 Year-End Review

Author: Peter Giannatos

I would like to start by thanking all of our members and supporters for what has been an incredible post pandemic year of chess! Below you will see a some of our highlights and a few of our plans going forward.


Major Weekend Events

  • 2022 US Chess National Online Scholastic Quick Championship

  • More than 1250 players participated

  • An official US Chess National Event

  • 2022 Carolinas Classic

  • 385 players from 20+ States

  • Won by GMs Naroditsky, Moradiabadi, Shabalov, Brodsky

  • 2022 NC K-12 Championship

  • 450+ players in grades K-12

  • The first OTB state championship since the pandemic

  • At Least Twenty-One (ALTO)

  • 107 players from 13 states and Mexico

  • An innovative concept featuring an adult friendly atmosphere

  • CCC's Unrated Team Challenges

  • Held twice in 2022

  • Featured 280+ players from more than 40 local area schools

The first Charlotte Chess Center Unrated Team Chess Tournament.
CCC Unrated Team Challenge
  • 2022 North Carolina Open

  • Ran alongside the record breaking US Masters

  • 434 players (636 total festival participants)

  • Largest open tournament in NC history.

  • 2022 US Masters

  • 202 players - 30 GMs, 40 IMs

  • Largest Masters in history

  • 36 federations and 32 states represented

  • Video interviews with top players

2022 US Masters Champion, GM Christopher Yoo

Norm Round Robin Invitationals

  • 4 norm invitational events this year

  • Our fall norm event was the largest norm RR ever held in the US which featured (6) 10-player sections.

Players playing in the 2022 Spring CCC GM/IM Norm Invitational
2022 CCC Spring Norm Invitational

Fun Fact: The CCC began organizing norm round robin events in 2015. Since then, 94 norms and 45 titles have been achieved. In addition, 246 unique players have played in a CCC norm invitational, representing 52 federations and 29 states.

Local Club Events

  • Tuesday Night Action

  • 1 US Chess rated game every week and free for members

  • Aug/Sept 2022 TNA had a record breaking 116 players.

  • Wednesday Action Quads

  • 3 US Chess rated games every Wednesday

  • Added to give both adults and students another opportunity to play

  • Averages 31 players a week

  • Friday Action Quads

  • 3 US Chess rated games every Friday

  • The largest weekly Friday event in the United States

  • Nearly 60 students play the rated quads every Friday

Friday Action Quads rated chess tournament Charlotte, NC.
Friday Action Quads

More on CCC events here

Fun Fact: 3064 unique players played a rated CCC event in 2022