Our "Open Chess Clubs" are for students who do not have a school-specific program or for students who can not make the designated time of their program. Not sure if your school has a program already? Check list of school programs here.


Begins: Tuesday, September 15
Ends: Tuesday, December 15

Elementary Early

Cost for Semester

$150 (for 13 weeks!)

Begins: Wednesday, September 16

Ends: Wednesday, December 16

Elementary Late

Cost for Semester

$150 (for 13 weeks!)

Begins: Friday, September 18

Ends: Friday, December 18

Middle School

Cost for Semester

 $150 (for 13 weeks!)

How do the Programs Work?

  • Weekly 1 Hour Class After School

  • Clubs Meet Every Week During the Designated Period 

  • Designed with a Learning and Play Period

  • Live, Interactive Lessons, Activities, and Games to Increase Social Interaction

  • Scheduled Around School Hours to Maintain Sense of Normalcy for Students and Parents

  • Kid-Safe Platforms to Ensure Smooth, Safe, and Effective Functioning of the Clubs

  • Access to our Database of over 35 Self-Guided Instructional Videos for Improvement Outside of Class

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