An Online Qualifier with a Guaranteed Spot in Any 2021 CCCSA IM Norm Invitational ($800 value)!

The CCCSA has organized 16 GM/IM Norm Invitational tournaments thus far and has produced 43 norms and 21 titles!


Friday, April 2, 2021

Tournament Begin at 6:30 pm Eastern / 3:30 pm Pacific


  • This is a completely open tournament – both adults and scholastic players from any state may play

  • All players must have a lichess account – all lichess accounts are free

  • Players must play from a computer (desktop or laptop). Tablets and cell phones not permitted.

  • US Chess membership required


  • 5 round Swiss tournament based on USCF regular ratings 

  • Standard US Chess pairing system will be used. 

  • Pairings will be uploaded to Chessstream and players can join their game at the right time with just one click!

  • This tournament is US Chess online quick rated – brand new USCF online rating system




1st Place - Free entry into future CCCSA IM Norm Invitational ($800 value!) 

In case a player does not want the spot, they may choose to accept a prize of $500.

2nd-4th Place - based on USCF tiebreaks - free entry into next online IM norm qualifier

The qualifier spot is not transferable to another player. 



In the case of a tie for first place, the top 2 players on USCF tiebreaks will play pairs of blitz games (G/3+2) until there is a clear winner.

Tiebreak games will also be rated (blitz).

Round Times:

Eastern Standard Time






Time Control:

G/10 Minutes; Increment 2 seconds

Each player receives 10 minutes plus a 2 second bonus each move to complete each game. 


Entry Fee:

$80.00 by Tuesday before the tournament

$100.00 After



The CCCSA, along with the help of online chess servers fair-play algorithm, has reported and banned over 75 player accounts in our online tournaments. Please read these conditions carefully.


Our principal goal with online events is to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all. 

  • By registering, all players agree not to use outside assistance of any kind.

  • This is a US Chess online rated tournament.  Players found to be using outside assistance will be reported to US Chess and restricted from future Charlotte Chess Center events.

  • Players found or believed to be using outside assistance will be ineligible for a prize.

  • All games will be reviewed by lichess and tournament staff during and after the event.

  • Tournament staff may expel a player from the tournament, make a player ineligible for a prize, or adjust the standings even if lichess does not close the account.

  • Players may not listen to music, wear headphones, or have another electronic device near them while playing.

  • We will remove cheaters from the tournament during and/or after the tournament and adjust tournament results and standings accordingly.

  • All fair play adjustments made by tournament staff are final and are not appealable.


•    To be eligible for a prize, players must be in the tournament Zoom meeting using their real name for the duration of the tournament with a side or rear camera angle (see picture below).
•    You may not join the Zoom meeting using a front-facing webcam view from the playing computer, you must have a side or rear angle showing the player and the computer screen.
•    While they are playing, players must always have video enabled in the Zoom meeting. 
•    Players must agree to Zoom requests by tournament staff, including turning on audio, giving a scan of the area around a player, adjusting the camera angle, etc.


Best online chess camera angle.

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