The 2021 North Carolina Closed Championship will be October 1-3, 2021 in Charlotte, NC. The NC Closed is restricted to participants who reside in North Carolina, and determines the official North Carolina State Champion as well as Class Champions from Under 2200 through Under 1200.


October 1-3 or 2-3, 2021

Charlotte, North Carolina

5 Round Swiss; USCF Rated; $4,500 Guaranteed

The Official State Championship of North Carolina

NCCA Business Meeting

Sunday 10/3, 9:30am

Open to All



Hilton University Place 

8629 JM Keynes Drive

Charlotte, NC 28262

(704) 547-7444​​​​

Hotel Booking Link

​Must book by September 21 to receive discount

$105 per night Single or Double - FREE Internet, FREE Parking

$10 Discount on Total Entry Fee if Staying at Hotel



October 1-3, 2021


Participants must be members of the US Chess Federation

Must live or attend school in North Carolina


Time Control:

G/100; inc 5

Round 1 of Two Day Schedule is played at G/45; inc 5


Round Times:

3 Day Schedule

Friday: 6pm

 Saturday: 1:30pm and 6pm

Sunday: 10:30am and 3pm

2 Day Schedule

Round 1 at 11:00am, then merge with the 3-day schedule above

Time control for round 1 in 2-day is G/45, inc 5.



Under 1800

Under 1400

100 Point Rule: Players may only play up if their rating is within 100 points of the section limit. Example: A 1700 may play in the top section but not a 1699.


$4,500 Guaranteed in Prizes

Plaques sponsored by the NCCA

Championship Section (1800+)

1st: $700 + Plaque + State Champion Title

2nd: $400

3rd : $200

Top u2200: $200 + Plaque 

2nd u2200: $100

Top u2000: $200 + Plaque

2nd u2000: $100


U1800 Section

1st: $600 + Plaque

2nd: $250

3rd: $150

Top u1600: $200 + Plaque

2nd u1600: $100


U1400 Section

1st: $600 + Plaque

2nd: $250

3rd: $150

Top u1200: $200 + Plaque

2nd u1200: $100


Entry Fee:

IM/GM: Free Entry

Players Staying at Hotel: $85.00 by September 21; $95 After

(Discount applies as long as there are rooms left in the block)

All Others: $95.00 by September 21; $105 After

Re-entry from 3-day into 2-day schedule: $40

All entry fees include a one year membership or renewal to the NC Chess Association. 




  • The NC Closed is restricted to players who reside in North Carolina. Players must be listed as “NC” on their US Chess profile.

  • 100 Point Rule: Players may play up if their rating is within 100 points of the section limit. Example: A 1700 may play in the championship section but not a 1699.

  • Byes: Players may take up to 2 optional half-point byes, request at registration. Byes allow a player to skip a round they cannot otherwise attend.

  • Refunds – all withdrawals before the tournament will be refunded minus a 5% transaction fee.

  • USCF Rated – current US Chess Membership required.

  • October 2021 US Chess regular OTB ratings used for pairings and prizes.

  • USCF Standard tiebreaks used for plaque distribution.

  • Unrated players must enter the Under 1400 Section and are eligible for place prizes (1st-3rd).

  • Unofficial tournament history or USCF online ratings may be used for otherwise unrated players.

  • Boards, sets, clocks provided (players must use our equipment).

COVID-19 Measures

  • Public surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned by the hotel, and all chess equipment will be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned daily.

  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations will be placed throughout the tournament venue.


This event will not be canceled or postponed. We have a large playing hall, and will be taking many preventative measures to ensure the safety of our players:


·    The hotel venue facilities, tournament hall, and chess equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

·    Players who are sick will be asked to stay home.

·    Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be placed throughout the tournament hall.

·    Masks are required for all.