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Congrats! You have been selected by your coach to participate in tournaments. What's next? See process listed below.

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What Does This Mean?

CCC coaches are advised to notify parents when they believe a student is excelling in class. The Golden Ticket is a way for our coaches to both reward students and notify parents that the student is successfully grasping concepts being taught in class.

What's Next?

Tournament play! Don't be alarmed by how serious it sounds. There are tournaments for all levels of play. The CCC has designed a tournament system to take students with no tournament experience and guide them into rated play.

Tournament Options


Unrated Practice Tournaments

Unrated Practice Tournaments are a great way for students to get involved in tournament competition. These are low stress events where CCC staff replicate the tournament setting for students. All students walk away with a medal and basic knowledge for future tournament competition.


Friday Action Quads (FAQ)

Friday Action Quads (FAQ) are a held weekly at the CCC. Quads are designed to place students in groups of 4 by their rating. If your child does not have a rating, but wants to get rated, that's not an issue. Students who are new to rated play are placed in the lower quads so that they can obtain a rating but not play above their ability. A US Chess Membership is required for this event and all rated events.

Signing up for a US Chess Membership is easy and takes no longer than 5 minutes!


Rated weekend Tournaments

The CCC conducts a monthly Saturday rated option. These are Saturday events which feature trophy prizes. There are rating breakdown for all levels from 100 (lowest rating) to 1500 (highest rating allowed for this event). These events are well attended but happen only once a month.

Like the Friday Action Quads, these events require a US Chess Membership.

How Do I Know If My Child is Ready for Rated Play?

Try a few Unrated Practice Tournaments first. If the student has a perfect 3-0 performance, moving to rated play would be a good option.  In fact, when students receive a gold medal at the Unrated Tournaments, we give them a US Chess membership as a prize!

Why Tournament Play?

Did you know that students who play in rated tournaments could see an increase in test scores of 30-50% in math and 10-20% in reading? Read the results of a recent study conducted on the correlation between test scores and tournament play:


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