Online Via Zoom Conferencing 

All registered students will receive log in instructions prior to camp


Camp I: July 20-24, 2020

Camp II: August 10-14, 2020


Open to the first 36 students to join. The last Fundamentals Camps were completely full - Register Soon


  • Must be a US Chess Rated Tournament Player or Have Completed the Intermediate III Class.

  • Campers Will Be Divided Into Three Groups Based Upon Their Current US Chess Rating (Online and Regular Ratings Honored)


What Makes These Camps Special?

  • Structure/Topics of Discussion

  • Instructors with Vast Experience Teaching Players Below 1300

  • Certified Chess Masters/Professionals

  • Fixed Schedules Over a Period of Time to Ease Parent Planning Efforts

  • US Chess (online) Rated Tournament After Each Camp​​

Camp Topics/Options:

  • Each Day of Camp will Feature Topics in the

    • Opening​

    • Middlegame

    • Endgame

  • The Camps Will Cover A Vast Amount of Material from Opening to Endgame

    • All students will receive a handout of topics discussed​ - Sample Handout Below

  • Specific Topics Will Not Be Repeated - Each Camp Will Feature Unique Content


Completeing all camps will give students a vast wealth of knowledge that will help them surpass the 1300 rating level.

These camps are great as individual camps but even more valuable as a complete course.


Head Coach


Peter learned how to play chess at the age of 7, but did not compete in his first tournament until he was 13. In 2004, he competed in his first tournament, achieving a USCF rating of 589. With hard work and dedication, Peter achieved the expert rating (2000+ USCF) in 2008. Peter teaches students the same techniques he used to rapidly improve.


Peter earned his FIDE Master (FM) title (2300+ FIDE) in February of 2017. One of only 4 players in North Carolina history to earn that title. Peter is also a United States Chess Federation National Master (NM)/Life Master (LM) with a peak US Chess Rating of 2390.

Peter believes there should be distinct structure in learning. He is a firm believer that in order to bring chess to the highest level of sport, it must be conducted more professionally.

Peter is the Founder and Executive Director of the Charlotte Chess Center.


Head Coach


In 2007 all of the time that was dedicated to chess began to pay off. Dominique saw a rating gain of 1000 points in a year; along the way claiming first place in the u1200 section at the National scholastic chess championship in Kansas City, MO.

His goal is to help students think outside of the box, one of his favorite areas to explore as well as teaching combative and sharp play.


Dominique is considered one of the most adored instructors in Charlotte. His patience and ability to work with children of all ages and skill levels makes him one of the most sought after instructors.


Dominique is a US Chess National Master with peak US Chess rating of 2287.


Head Coach


James was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He started playing chess at 8 years old as a hobby and to bond more with his father. He enjoyed playing his father and learning about the game. James grew a very strong connection to the game and strongly believes it has positively changed all aspects of his life.


James reached the National Master title in 2009, a year before he graduated from High School.  James summarizes chess and life in the following way:  "with hard work, dedication, and motivation, you can succeed at any and everything".

James brings immense passion and energy to every chess lesson which makes him one of the most instructive and entertaining instructors.

James is a father and military (Navy) veteran.

James is a US Chess National Master with a peak US Chess rating of 2317.

Single Camp:

$275 - 15 Hours of Training + 15 US Chess Online Rapid Rated Games

Both Camps:

$500 Best Value - 30 Hours of Training + 30 US Chess Online Rated Games

Additional 5% off any option for CCCSA Members


Will Students Have A Chance to Learn with All Instructors? 


Will Students Receive Handouts of the Material Discussed Afterward?

Yes. Instructors will share handouts with students after the camp.


What is the Format of the Tournament Games?

Games will be played on CCCSA Staff will set up the tournament and guide students through the process. 

Students will play 3 US Chess Online Rated Games Daily

Will The Online Tournament Games Be "Regular Rated"?

No. The US Chess Federation has created a separate rating for online play. However, these games will be reflected on their US Chess record.

Do Not Hesitate To Reach Out to Us with Further Questions: