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Tuesday Night Action

Aug 06, 2024

CCC (Main/South)




One US Chess-rated game every Tuesday night, completely free for CCC members. This is a great way for players to get weekly rated practice. The Top and U1600 Sections are also FIDE-rated - offering the only free weekly FIDE-rated game in the country! In addition, there is a free lecture before the games begin. 


Every Tuesday Evening!

Can't make Tuesdays? Try Sunday Afternoon Classical at CCC North


Charlotte Chess Center - Main/South

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E

Charlotte, NC 28226


5:45pm - 11:00pm​


Lecture: 6:00pm

Game: 7:00pm


  • Participants must be members of US Chess

  • Participants must be members of the CCC

  • Open to all players in grades 9-12 and adults

  • Students in grades K-8 must be rated over 900

K-8 players rated under 900 - See Events Schedule for other options.


  • Lecture with FM Peter Giannatos prior to rated games from 6:00pm-6:45pm

  • Players must register weekly and in advance using the online registration system

  • Each Tuesday evening will be limited to the first 62 players to register

  • TNA registration will close at 6:30pm if not already full

  • Once spots are filled, players may email to be placed on the waitlist.


TOP (1600+) 

Under 1600

Under 1300


Top Section: G/80, inc/10 - FIDE and US Chess Rated

U1600 Section: G/60, inc/10 - FIDE and US Chess Rated

U1300 Section: G/60, inc/10 - US Chess Rated


  • The top adult (18 or older) in each section will win a $25 gift card to USCF Sales.

  • The top junior (under 18) in each section will win a $25 gift card to USCF Sales.

  • All perfect 4-0 scores will receive a 3-month CCC membership extension.

  • See special notes below for tiebreak rules.


Free, must be a CCC Member - CCC membership only $50/year - join today!​



Please use this link if you have registered and would like to withdraw from this event.


  • Top and U1600 sections are FIDE-rated - FIDE rules apply, except for US Chess penalties for cell phone infractions.  

  • Tournament Directors will accelerate pairings to pair players close in rating when possible

  • Most recent "live" US Chess regular ratings used for all sections to ensure close matchups

  • TNA is a monthly tournament - the rating report is submitted on the last Tuesday of the month, and a new event begins on the first Tuesday of each month.  TNA events may be 4 or 5 rounds depending on the month.

  • Open to high schoolers and adults of any rating, including unrated

  • Students in grades K-8 must be rated 900+

  • For all CCC events, bookmark our events calendar

  • All players must use CCC equipment - wooden sets and digital clocks provided

  • Prizes:

    • Are not split but rather use the tie breaks:

      1. Most games played

      2. Lower rating

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