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Tournament of Champions

May 04, 2024

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K-8 Invitation Only

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The Tournament of Champions is a new championship tournament with 35+ trophies and Grandmaster-led activities.  It is an invitation-only, US Chess rated event for players in grades K-8.

Students must qualify to play this event through various tournaments throughout the semester.


May 4, 2024


Charles H. Parker Academic Center

1546 Walton Road

Charlotte, NC 28208


Players may qualify for the tournament of champions through any of the following methods:

  • Earn a perfect score (3-0) at any scholastic quad event: SAQ, MAQ, FAQ

  • Earn a gold medal (2.5 or 3 points) at any unrated practice tournament: North or South

  • Earn a “plus score” (2.5 or more points) at any Rated Scholastic tournament: North or South

  • Achieve a US Chess rating of 1500+ at the time of registration

All players must be in grades K-8 (age 13 and below) and have a US Chess membership.


Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8


G/20; increment 10

Each player receives 20 minutes plus a 10 second increment to complete the game.


Suggested Arrival: 9:45am

Round 1: 10:00am

Round 2: 11:00am

Lunch and Grandmaster Activities Break: 12:00pm

Round 3: 1:00pm

Round 4: 2:00pm

Awards: 3:00pm


Grades K-2 Section

Trophies to top 10 individuals

Team trophies to top 3 schools


Grades 3-5 Section

Trophies to top 10 individuals

Team trophies to top 3 schools

Grades 6-8 Section

Trophies to top 10 individuals

Team trophies to top 3 schools


CCC members: $40.00

Non-members: $50.00

Join the CCC and Save - Only $50 a Year - Save on Camps, Classes, Tournaments and More!


For all related inquiries and cancellations, email:

Register Now
Pre-Registered List


If you need to skip a round, you can request half-point byes for up to 2 rounds. Byes must be requested at registration or via email before the tournament starts. Once the tournament begins, all requested byes are 0 points.

If you plan to play all rounds, do not request any byes.


  • Please read CCC Terms and Conditions

  • US Chess rated event – USCF membership required.

  • US Chess live ratings used for pairings.

  • Two optional half-point byes available, request at registration.

  • All equipment provided.

  • Refunds: $5 fee for refunds before the event; $10 fee for same-day; no refund after event begins

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