The Elite Chess Team is a group designed for the top junior players.

This is a weekly two hour session where students learn from Resident Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky

All CCCSA Courses Moved Online

What does this mean for the student?

  • Students will receive a live lesson from their usual instructor via Zoom conferencing

  • Students will be able to engage with their instructor in real time.

  • Instructors will upload problem sets to Chessable where students will be able to complete their homework (more details coming soon).

  • CCCSA course curriculum will be followed as planned.

  • Link to attend live class will be sent to all who register.


Class Time:

Elite Chess Group

Ratings 1800+


11:00am - 1:00pm​

All students who are part of the Elite Chess Team will get a customized CCCSA "Elite Chess Team" jacket.

Coach: Grandmaster (GM) Daniel Naroditsky

GM Naroditsky is the highest rated player and coach in the Southeast. The CCCSA offers these classes to provide our competitive students with the highest levels of instruction posssible.

Student Expectations: 

Attend the classes scheduled. Submit completed homework each class. Participate in at least one rated tournament every month.


Classes are always conducted in class sizes at or less than a 10:1

student/teacher ratio. Most classes have between 6-8 students.


Space limited to first 10 that apply to each class.

Unlike the other group classes, the Elite Chess Team meets for 2 hours each week


Team Goals: 

  • Students will receive personalized, advanced instruction in areas of the game crucial to enhancing their chess development. Often times, these very ideas are not adequately covered in chess literature and by other chess coaches

  • Weekly homework assignments will build upon lessons learned in class. Frequent in-session training activities will serve to replicate what students may confront in a competitive atmosphere.

  • The primary goal of the eltie team is to arm the students with the tools necessary for continued and rapid sucess in the tournament atmophsere. 

  • Instruction will go beyond understanding and will teach students how to train efficiently both on their own and in the group setting.

  • Students will have the ability to train regularly with a top Grandmaster which will allow them to elevate their game to the highest levels.

Class Progression: 

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Spring 2020 Sunday Dates

Postponed until summer


CCCSA Members: $350.00 / Six Week Session

Non-Members: $375.00 / Six Week Session

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