Charlotte Chess Center

In-Person Only


Wednesday's 6:30pm-8:00pm

August Meeting Dates:

(Team meeting dates published monthly)

August 4, August 11, August 18, August 25


  • Open to students with peak US Chess ratings of 1600+

  • Must be active CCCSA members

  • Must be 18 years old or younger

  • Must apply using the form below


  • Students must play in at least 2 CCCSA rated tournaments a month

  • Students must attend 80% of the meetings

  • Students must wear their Elite Chess Team jackets/shirts to tournaments

  • Students must complete weekly assigned homework


Students will be divided into groups based on their strength. The exact point of division will depend on the strength of the students who sign up for the training sessions. 

Tentative Breakdowns:

  • Ratings 1600-1900

  • Ratings 1900-2200

Team Goals: 

  • Students will receive personalized, advanced instruction in areas of the game crucial to enhancing their chess development. Often times, these very ideas are not adequately covered in chess literature and by other chess coaches

  • Weekly homework assignments will build upon lessons learned in class. Frequent in-session training activities will serve to replicate what students may confront in a competitive atmosphere.

  • The primary goal of the elite team is to arm the students with the tools necessary for continued and rapid success in the tournament atmosphere. 

  • Instruction will go beyond understanding and will teach students how to train efficiently both on their own and in the group setting.

  • Students will have the ability to train regularly with the areas top coaches which will allow them to elevate their game to the highest levels.

CCCSA Goals:

  • To increase the number of titled junior players emerging from Charlotte

  • To help subsidize the cost to parents for high level chess training

  • To motivate students to reach their maximum potential

  • To build team spirit and camaraderie between the areas top junior players

Other Notes:

  • FREE - students must meet the necessary qualifications (apply below)

  • Students get Elite Team gear (jackets, shirts, hats, etc)

  • Students must complete monthly checklist and submit at the end of the month

  • Students may apply when they meet the requirements and do not have to wait until the next month




Head Coach

  • American Grandmaster, many time U.S. Championship contender

  • Peak FIDE rating 2647

  • World Youth Under 12 Champion

  • Top chess streamer and commentator

  • Charlotte Chess Center Resident Grandmaster



Head Coach

  • Peak USCF rating 2390, FIDE 2300

  • Founder and Director of the CCCSA

  • FIDE Master and US Chess National Master

  • Veteran coach with over a decade of experience.