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CCC Member price: $100.00

Non-Member price: $110.00


CCC (Main/South)

Class Schedule

Option 1

Class Day: Thursdays

Class Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern

Meeting Location: Charlotte Chess Center - Main/South

Option 2

Class Day: Fridays

Class Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm Eastern

Meeting Location: Charlotte Chess Center - Main/South

Option 3

Class Day: Sundays

Class Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Eastern

Meeting Location: Charlotte Chess Center - Main/South

Option 4

Class Day: Sundays

Class Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern

Meeting Location: Charlotte Chess Center - Main/South

Note: Classes meet on the days listed above consistently throughout the year. See class holiday calendar for full year outlook.

Course Details

Who is this Level Best Suited For?

Students who have graduated from the Beginner Level course. Students who have had formal instruction but possibly even some tournament experience. Unrated players, and those with US Chess ratings under 600, and online ratings under 1000.

Course Topics

Topics taught in the Intermediate Level include, but are not limited to: basic chess tactics, basic chess strategy, abstract checkmate patterns, notation, tournament etiquette, thinking more than 1 move ahead.

Course Goals

When students graduate from the intermediate course, their knowledge and performance will that of a player with a US Chess rating over 600. Students will have been introduced to the fundamentals of chess strategy and tactics.


All materials are provided for class.


Considerations for progression include but are not limited to: mastery of topics introduced, completion of homework, class participation and performance.

The CCC's custom leaderboard feature allows instructors to see the amount of effort students are putting in away from class. Instructors will also use the leaderboard tool as a way to monitor student progress.

Once the instructor believes the student is ready to progress, they will notify the parents and classes administrator.

Progress Reports

Parents receive a monthly progress report with key areas of growth and improvement.


Students in the Intermediate Class are encouraged to play rated tournaments. View events calendar here.

Why Is Tournament Chess Important to Learning? Read this Study About Its Correlation To Reading and Math Scores.

Managing Expectations

More insight provided here on what to expect in terms of chess growth.

Enrollment Info

Student Expectations:

Attend the classes scheduled. Complete all assigned homework.

Make-Up Classes:

While students are expected to attend classes chosen at the time of registration, we understand that things come up. If a student must miss a scheduled class, they may notify CCC staff and attend a different day of the equivalent class. Make up classes must be scheduled the week leading up to, or the week just after the missed class.

Cost for Class:

$100.00 / month for CCC members

$110.00 / month for non-members

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Joining Mid-Month?

Students may join during an ongoing month at a prorated fee. Simply enroll now!

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