If you love chess and think the world would a better place if more kids played the World Game, we would love to talk to you about joining our expanding team!

  • Passion for chess

  • Deep desire for kids to enjoy and benefit from playing chess

  • Reliable schedule and transportation

  • Clear background check

  • Diversity of all kinds

  • Ability to positively influence kids' lives

  • Connection to the game

  • Professional development

  • Additional income


Part-Time Chess Instructor   Multiple positions available

  • Job Description

    • Report to Executive Director

    • Teach 5-10 hours per week in Elementary Schools around Charlotte, NC (afterschool programs, morning programs, academy classes)

    • Optional: work at CCCSA’s Junior Master Summer Camps

  • Requirements

    • Must live in or near Charlotte, NC

    • Must consent to background check

    • Reliable car transportation

    • Chess knowledge (suggested level at least 500 USCF)

  • Compensation

    • Competitive hourly wages up to $40/hour; commensurate with experience

    • Benefits include access to CCCSA’s student network to acquire private students if desired

Part-Time Administrative Assistant   1 position available

  • Job Description

    • Report to Executive Director and Director of Engagement

    • 10-20 hours of weekly work

    • Compile school program rosters, tournament registration lists, etc.

    • Send weekly emails to school programs and CCCSA club members

    • Communicate regularly with school program leadership and CCCSA club members

    • Work on other tasks (financial, outreach, organizational) as required

  • Requirements

    • Very strong communication skills especially with emails

    • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Drive

    • Strong computing skills and efficiency

    • Some social media outreach skills

    • Must live in or near Charlotte, NC

    • Must consent to background check

    • Passion for scholastic chess education

    • In-depth chess knowledge recommended, but not required

  • Compensation

    • Competitive hourly wages commensurate with experience

    • Salaried and full-time positions available to applications who also have interest in teaching in schools, directing tournaments, or managing major projects and events.


Interested applicants may send a resume and brief introduction to:

Executive Director Peter Giannatos (

Assistant Director Grant Oen (


The CCCSA conducts weekly and monthly chess events such as weekly rated play, special events, lectures, classes, weekend tournaments.

The CCCSA is constantly making efforts to create partnerships with local and national educational programs to further the expansion of chess not only locally but nationally. 




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