The CCCSA conducts weekly and monthly chess events such as weekly rated play, special events, lectures, classes, weekend tournaments.

The CCCSA is constantly making efforts to create partnerships with local and national educational programs to further the expansion of chess not only locally but nationally. 




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2019 by Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy Inc.


This is a perfect class for students who know the very basics but not much beyond that.

In this class students will learn: types of checkmates, piece values and certain advanced concepts such as stalemate and enpassant.

Class Day:


Class Time:

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Student Expectations: 

Attend the classes scheduled. Submit completed homework each class.


All classes are conducted over an 6 week period, where students come

once per week.


Classes are always conducted in class sizes at or less than a 12:1

student/teacher ratio. Most classes have between 6-8 students.


Space limited to first 12 that apply to each class.


End of Course Goals: 

Students will review the concepts of check and checkmate then move on to more advanced concepts such as stalemate, piece values and types of checkmates (i.e. Ladder Checkmate, Queen and King Checkmate).


Students will also learn and practice notation and upon completion of the class would be ready to participate in an unrated practice tournament.

Class Progression: 

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Winter 2020 Sunday Dates:

January 26

February 2

February 9

February 16

February 23

March 1

Make-Up/Review Session:

March 4

6:00pm - 7:30pm


CCCSA Members: $150.00 / Six Week Session

Non-Members: $165.00 / Six Week Session

Join the CCCSA and Save - Only $40 a Year for Locals and $25/Year for Travelers