This is a perfect class for students starting from scratch.

In this class students will learn: how to set up the board, move of all the chess pieces and understand the rules of castling, check and checkmate.

Class Day:


Class Time:

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Student Expectations: 

Attend the classes scheduled. Submit completed homework each class.


All classes are conducted over an 6 week period, where students come

once per week.


Classes are always conducted in class sizes at or less than a 12:1

student/teacher ratio. Most classes have between 6-8 students.


Space limited to first 12 that apply to each class.


End of Course Goals: 

Students should be able to confidently move pieces, castle and understand the basic difference between check and checkmate.

Class Progression: 

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Spring 2020 Sunday Dates

Not available this session. We find that it's best for complete beginners to learn in person.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are postponing this class until May.


CCCSA Members: $150.00 / Six Week Session

Non-Members: $165.00 / Six Week Session

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