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This is a match where we in North Carolina compete as a team against our friendly rivals from the state of South Carolina.  


August 17, 2019


Charlotte Chess Center

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E

Charlotte, NC 28226



Inquire with the form below and the team captains will ultimately choose their team.


Must live in either North Carolina or South Carolina

Must be a member of the US Chess Federation


Time Control:

G/90; d5

Each player receives 90 minutes with a 5 second delay per game. 


Round Times:

Round 1: 11:00am

Round 2: 3:00pm

Blitz Tournament and Pizza Party at 6:30pm



Overall State Champions Match:

NM Mark Biernacki (NC) v. NM Mike Sailer (SC)


Along with the state champions above, both the NC and SC teams are looking for two players in the following categories:


Expert (USCF 2000-2200)

Class A (USCF 1800-1999)

Class B (USCF 1600-1799)

Class C (USCF 1400-1599)

Class D (USCF 1200-1399)

Class E (USCF 1000-1199)


A great weekend of competitive chess (2 USCF rated games), camaraderie and the chance to represent your state in competition. This is not the event for you if you are looking for a big payout.


We do not cover expenses, players are responsible for their travel and lodging costs.  You will be a part of building what we hope will become an important event on the local chess calendar. Please join us for this fun, and friendly event.

Entry Fee:


Special Notes:

USCF Rules Apply

One Team Captain

Team Captain may advise on whether or not a draw is appropriate.

Team captain may NOT advise on moves to play in a game.

Each participant will play each of the other states two participants. Each Player will play 1 white game and 1 black game. Total of 2 games. 1 game against each opponent from the opposing team.


NC Team

State Champion Rep

NM Mark Biernacki


Master Matchup

NM Dominique Myers

K-12 Representative

Luke Harris

K-8 Representative

Jerry Xue

Girls Representative

Vamika Satish


Patrick Sciacca

Vishnu Vanapalli


Class A

Neil Deshpande

Advaith Karthik 

Class B

Terry Maskin

PJ Liotino

Mike Eberhardinger


Class C

Joseph Healy

Wayne Spon


Class D

Debs Pedigo

Chalpati Gundumalla

Raamcharan Puttagunta


Class E

Lokruth Patil

Nathan Conklin

SC Team

State Champion Rep

NM Mike Sailor


Master Matchup

NM Klaus Pohl

K-12 Representative

Matthew Johnson

K-8 Representative

Eli Moore

Girls Representative

Charlotte Leys


Paul Tinkler

Leo Rabulan

Class A

Gene Nix

Tim Rankin


Class B

Benjamin Webb

Ledford Duncan

Jacob Stoll


Class C

Daniel Smith

Mike Boone


Class D

Nikolai Webb

David Acosta

Michael Castellani


Class E

Callum Leys

Angelo Sciulli

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